2024 Education Magazine

Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Page 9 with numbers (Practice #4), often using bear figurines to represent mathematical problems. First graders have made significant progress this year in Practice #5 and are learning to choose the most effective tools and strategies for different mathematical scenarios. Second graders have improved their ability to recognize structures in problems (Practice #7), while third graders are regularly enhance their problem-solving skills through discussion (Practice #1). Fourth graders facing more complex problems are encouraged to develop perseverance in problem-solving (also Practice #1), and they constantly challenge themselves and their peers. Through varied and carefully designed activities, students at Chester East-Lincoln School are not only developing a strong foundation in mathematics but are also acquiring crucial skills like strategic thinking and confidence. These skills are essential for tackling challenging problems, both within and beyond the classroom. The administration of Chester East has made math education a priority, and adding in an intervention program represents the school's dedication to creating an environment where mathematics is not only understood but also enjoyed. This program is shaping confident, competent, and enthusiastic young mathematicians ready to take on the challenges of the future. Callie Stanley Math Interventionist Chester East Lincoln CCSD #61 Laura Irwin, Administrator Chester-East Lincoln CCSD #61