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Page 8 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 beaded number lines, and hundreds of charts, which provide a tangible connection to the concepts they are learning. The students are also encouraged to be active participants in number talks, in explaining and defending their problem-solving strategies, and even in creating problems for their peers. Mrs. Stanley's approach to enriching the math curriculum extends beyond her immediate role, involving collaboration with a diverse array of educational professionals. She places high value on the insights and expertise of the classroom teachers at Chester EastLincoln School. These educators are not only instrumental in delivering the standard curriculum but also actively contribute to the Math Intervention program by sharing their resources and knowledge. This collaboration between Mrs. Stanley's intervention methods and the teachers' dedicated efforts contributes to a unified and powerful educational journey for the students. In addition to the internal resources at Chester East, Mrs. Stanley and her colleagues benefit greatly from the support provided by the Regional Office of Education (ROE 17). This institution plays a pivotal role in the continual development of math education within the region. By organizing monthly training sessions for teachers, ROE 17 facilitates the integration of advanced teaching methodologies and resources into the classroom. These sessions align to the math curriculum developed by teachers in the area who understand and buy into an approach that is very hands-on and meaningful for students. An emphasis is placed on vertical alignment and differentiated instruction. The Standards for Mathematical Practice, as detailed by the Common Core State Standards, foster deep mathematical understanding and proficiency across all grade levels. These standards encourage critical skills like problem-solving, reasoning, and effective communication in mathematics. The full description of each mathematical practice can be found at https://www.thecorestandards.org/ Math/Practice/. The eight mathematical practices are a primary focus in all math classrooms at Chester East. One example of how this plays out in intervention groups is through an activity called "Math Detective," where students use their imaginative skills to identify mistakes in problem-solving. This activity not only helps students to reason abstractly and quantitatively (Practice #2) but also encourages them to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others (Practice #3). Each grade level focuses on each mathematical practice in different ways. Kindergarten students, for instance, work on modeling Continued --