2024 Education Magazine

Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Page 7 Another cornerstone of the program is the use of the "Tiny Polka Dots" card deck. This deck is unique in its representation of numbers from one to ten, displaying each number as a numeral, in a ten frame, and through various dot arrangements. Playing with these cards in different game formats allows students to practice subitizing, the ability to quickly identify the number of objects in a small group without counting. This is a building block for number sense and mathematical fluency. The program also includes a game similar to "Proof," which can be played using homemade cards or other number cards like Tiny Polka Dots. In this game, students lay out an array of cards and take turns to find and prove number sentences (equations). This game is particularly effective as it can be tailored to different levels, allowing for a diverse and inclusive learning environment. For example, one student might spot a simple match, while another might identify an addition equation or even a more complex two-step equation. However, the Math Intervention program at Chester East-Lincoln School isn't just about fun and games. The activities are meticulously aligned with the Common Core State Standards for math, ensuring that they complement and reinforce the topics being covered in the regular classrooms. These activities are not only designed to bridge learning gaps but also to provide opportunities for what is termed a 'productive struggle' in problem-solving. In small group settings, students frequently review and reinforce strategies taught by their classroom teachers. Students use a variety of manipulatives like base ten blocks, Continued --