2024 Education Magazine

Page 10 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Zion Lutheran School in Lincoln has begun the process of being accredited through the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) process. NLSA is a process to help Lutheran schools evaluate their academic quality and spiritual dimension of the school (LCMS School Ministry, 2024). It is a voluntary process that puts the school through a rigorous process of examining the great things happening in the school as well as areas of improvement. The major focus of the accreditation process is a Self-Study report in which the school reviews every aspect of its make-up: Purpose, Relationships, Leadership, Professional Personnel, Teaching and Learning, Student Services, and Facilities. Each one of these categories gets a thorough review from a sub-committee made up of teachers, administration, parents, church members, members of the local community, and, in some cases, students. The Self-Study report takes approximately 9-10 months to complete. Upon completion of the Self-Study report, a site visit team is chosen to validate the material provided in the report. This team will consist of retired administrators and teachers, current administrators and teachers, local education personnel, and others. The team will conduct a site visit of about 3 days reviewing and providing a recommendation on whether or not the school should be accredited. If the team recommends accreditation, Zion will have achieved something only 14% of the Lutheran schools in Central Illinois have accomplished. The entire process will take approximately 12 months, but it will be well worth it, according to the principal of Zion, Dr. Steve Parry. “National Lutheran Schools Accreditation will help ensure Zion is providing the best Christ-centered education experience it can to our students and families.” Dr. Parry looks forward to beginning the Self-Study process and hopes to be scheduling a site visit in the next school year. Dr. Steve Parry, Principal Zion Lutheran School - Lincoln Lincoln Zion Lutheran School seeks National Lutheran Schools Accreditation