2023 Prom Night Magazine

2023 LOGAN COUNTY PROM LINCOLN DAILY NEWS May 2023 Page 37 Guests started arriving early parents, grandparents, extended relatives, good friends, and members of the community filled the lawn alongside prom attendees who were there early to mingle with those guests and compare wardrobes with each other. This year, the prom march took a new turn, a turn around the corner of the courthouse and then onward to the base of the steps. There was no march through the courthouse as in past years, and the fresh new approach to the march was, well…refreshing. As attendees’ names were called, there were singles - going stag, pairs, and even one group of three that drew a lot of attention from the audience. The three guys in their baby blue tuxedos with their black bow ties and shades were very well received by the crowd. Once again at this prom the ladies were stunning, in beautiful gowns and no two were alike. The men expressed themselves well