2023 Prom Night Magazine

Page 38 2023 LOGAN COUNTY PROM LINCOLN DAILY NEWS May 2023 through their wardrobe and their accessories, from cool shades to a black cowboy hat. At the end of the introduction of the prom attendees, the 2023 prom court was introduced, and the king and queen were named. The 2023 Prom Queen was Kate Beckers with Gavin Smith crowned as the Prom King. The announcement was met with loud cheers for both from the audience as well as the other members of the 2023 Prom Court. After a few posed photos, the event was called finished, but it seemed no one was in any big hurry to leave. Friends teamed up together, parents swooned over their dressedup teenagers and plenty of kind words were flowing as the attendees of the 2023 Prom Grand March prepared to head out for the main event. [Nila Smith]