2023 Prom Night Magazine

Page 36 2023 LOGAN COUNTY PROM LINCOLN DAILY NEWS May 2023 On Saturday afternoon, some may have wondered what the weather was going to do in the next few hours. The sky was heavy with clouds, temperatures were cooler than one might have hoped for on a May Saturday, and the wind was whipping about blowing sometimes to the point that long hair went flying into the air, and the idea of a long dress brought pictures of the wind grabbing the hems and not letting go. Yet, as the day evolved into the evening, the winds settled down quite a bit, though not completely. By 4:30 p.m. the clouds were parting enough that while still present, the sun was peeking through from time to time, and with the sun came slightly warmer temperatures. In total, it ended up being a perfect evening for a Prom Grand March on the lawn of the historic Mount Pulaski Courthouse. 2023 Mount Pulaski High School Prom Grand March takes a fresh approach at the courthouse