2024 Education Magazine

Page 38 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Shazam! Bang! POW! Nope. This is not a story about a superhero per se, but it does involve super skills. Mt. Pulaski High School’ Math Department, consisting of Ms. Jan Bowers and Mr. Michael Copley, has a weekly contest - Problem of the Week (M-POW) which promotes math in a positive light. Recognizing that they have many gifted math students at MPHS, the teachers created M-POW as a fun way to challenge students, while providing an opportunity for families, faculty and staff, and the community to share in the excitement. Due to the rigor and time constraints during the school day, exploring interesting mathematical and logical puzzles and applications is not always feasible. a big success at Mt. Pulaski High School M-Pow Each week, Ms. Bowers and Mr. Copley create a M-POW and post for freshmen through seniors to see if they are up for the current math challenge. Faculty and staff as well as community members are encouraged to also submit. “We try to choose problems of a variety of styles and formats to fit various learning styles including visual or kinesthetic, “ Bowers stated. They use current knowledge as well as explore ways to search for answers like working with classmates, families, internet searches, etc. M-POW encourages students to engage in mathematics and to apply classroom knowledge in different or unique ways. M-POW also enables students to think beyond what they already know.