2024 Education Magazine

Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Page 39 At the close of the week, they go through the submissions-depending on the level of difficulty, there can be anywhere from 20 to 70 submissions each week- and post names of students who have entered correct answers. From the winners, a name is selected and the student’s picture and the correct answer are displayed in the math wing on the “Math Wall of Fame.” The weekly winner is awarded a bag of candy, and the monthly winners are presented with a gift certificate. Students look forward to the new problem each week, finding out if they got the correct answer, and if they were drawn for the prize. To promote the ways math can be fun in ways never deemed possible, winners are posted on the school’s website and Facebook pages. This publicity has been fun for the community as they can see the number and variety of students who respond and look for familiar faces. Building positivity around a subject some deem as challenging is exciting. Finally, an unintended outcome that has occurred in that M-POW has helped to boost confidence and self-esteem in students schoolwide in not only the area of mathematics but also in problem-solving skills. Having this weekly contest creates an opportunity to celebrate student success each week and to develop life-long skills applicable in any field. Article written by: Linda Smith, MPHS Instructional Coach