2024 Education Magazine

Page 26 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 fundraiser will be conducted as a house vs. house competition where that each house will strive to be the one that raises the most money. Students can also earn points for their houses through their school performance and their behavior. Examples of point opportunities include one point for making a 100% on a test, getting a difficult question correct in class, coming to school on time everyday that week, or offering an unprompted kind gesture toward another person. Students can earn five points for their house by being named an MVP of a sport or club, offering the best performance on a class project or doing any community service projects. Students who show an “iconic display of character” or have no behavior referrals for an entire quarter can earn 10 points for their house. At the end of each quarter the house with the most points will be acknowledged as the quarterly winner and will earn a special reward for the house. Students and staff are working together to achieve their house goals while getting to know one another as a school family or community. The houses are a fun way to improve attendance and give students a new reason for coming to class each day, it promotes positive behavior and rewards jobs well done. At the end of the school year one house will be named the overall top house and will be awarded the coveted “House Cup.” [WLB/LDN]