2024 Education Magazine

Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Page 25 At 11 a.m. the program included lunch with housemates. The whole school had lunch at the same time on this day and the leaders and house members located a spot where they could all be one unit for their lunch break. This was to be the first step of forming the bond and building the relationships between the collective members of each house. At 1 p.m. on that first day of school, there was a second all-school assembly, where that the six houses would be called upon. The members of each house, when their name was called was to stand and do their house chant or cheer. Throughout the school year the houses will have competitions and opportunities for earning points for activities and exemplary behaviors befitting their house. The houses will also have community service projects that will be a bit competitive. For example there may be an all-school fundraiser to benefit a local charity or not-forprofit organization. The Continued --