2024 Education Magazine

Page 14 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Zion Lutheran School in Mt. Pulaski is a hidden gem despite being around for over 170 years. Zion Lutheran School serves Preschoolers (2 years old to 4 years old) through 8th Graders, has everything a public school has to offer including: Girls/ Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Softball/ Baseball Co-Op, Girls/Boys Track Co-Op, Cheerleading, and Scholastic Bowl. Zion Lutheran also has Music and Art, Girls/Boys Speech Co-Op, and Student Government. Zion Lutheran students get homemade, cooked from scratch meals for lunch and a choice of yogurt, cheesesticks, smoothies, vegetables or can make their own salad with our new salad bar. Students love the changes that have been made to lunch and enjoy all the choices that they have so much that almost 90% of students are eating hot lunch. But, Zion Lutheran School offers so much more! Make Zion Lutheran School Zion Lutheran School in Mt. Pulaski Your School Choice Academics are very important. The student/ teacher ratio is small so every student gets special attention and help when needed. Also, because of the small classes, group work, team work and collaboration are normal occurrences in every classroom and every subject. Zion Lutheran School offers tutoring twice a week for an hour after school. Students 5th grade thru 8th grade have a study hall with a tutor who helps twice a week. Continued --