2024 Education Magazine

Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Page 15 Additionally, STEM is offered as a class for 5th and 6th graders. Students get to choose different electives every quarter such as: Learning Chimes, Sign Language, Agriculture, Newspaper Writing, Cooking, Christmas Program etc. Sometimes, community members come in to teach the electives to give students real life experience like: Braiding Hair, CPR, Stress Management, etc. Zion Lutheran School also offers a class, for students in 5th – 8th grades, one day a week each year, which deals with a different real-life experience. For example, one year, students did a CEO program. The students selected a business they would like to start and “received” a budget. The students had to research what would be needed to start their business; had a guest speaker from a bank to learn how to start and keep a check registry and how to write checks; a guest speaker that owned their own business to give them tips; students created fliers and a made a “commercial” advertising their business. The final step was to showcase their business to the public and sell their products. It was a huge success! Now, they are learning life skills, time management, stress management, learning how to change a tire, creating their own indoor garden that the produce grown will be used in the cafeteria in their lunch, cooking, learning how to do laundry and fold clothes, etc. Learning basic life skills will help our students grow to be responsible adults. Continued --