2023 Worship Guide

Page 8 2023 Worship Guide LINCOLN DAILY NEWS December 2023 Pastor Ron Otto, Lincoln Christian Church My favorite Thanksgiving Meal moment: “Did you save room for dessert?” My response? “I’ll make room.” (Can I get an Amen?) We have a strong history of making room for things we enjoy or are important. We do it when we value someone or something. I’m wondering about how we will make room for Jesus this Christmas. Christmas isn’t even here yet and its already looking so crowded with so many plans and so many places to be that if not careful, we might miss the chance to make room for the real reason for Christmas: Jesus. It’s curious to me that a world made by Jesus and held together by Jesus is too crowded for him? How can a holiday made to celebrate Jesus suddenly have no room for Jesus? We’ve been told there’s no room for Jesus in our schools, in our workplaces, in our government. Somehow, Jesus gets in the way? Is that how you feel? It’s easy to judge the leaders of Israel from 2000 years ago for not making room for Jesus in their world! But what about us? A miracle is knocking at the door and we’re suddenly the inn keeper? “Sorry, no room.” Jesus made room for us…will we make room for him? Join us this December as we discover how to make room for Jesus all next year. From all of us at Lincoln Christian Church, Merry Christmas! Are we the innkeepers?