2023 Worship Guide

2023 Worship Guide LINCOLN DAILY NEWS December 2023 Page 7 you and it comes with a personal invitation. We would love to share Good News with you each Sunday (10 a.m.) of December. • December 3 – Good News to those who are Fearful – in a world full of war and uncertainty, you can experience the Peace you have always longed for. • December 10 – Good News to those who are Sad, depressed, discouraged…and feel you just don’t know if you can make it – Christmas can be a very difficult time for many – 1st time without a loved one; not enough money to buy presents or travel to be with family; unresolved conflict between family or friends…just sad • December 17 – Good News for those who are Anxious – worried about the future… worried about kids…overwhelmed. • December 24 – Good News to those who Feel Alone – no one to share the holidays with…or even in a room full of people still feeling alone I am so thankful God broke the Silence with Good News of Great Joy for ALL PEOPLE… yes ALL, that means you. This Christmas come experience the GOOD NEWS!