2023 Home For The Holidays

Page 6 2023 Home For The Holidays Lincoln Daily News November 23, 2022 Christmas 2023 Trivia 1. How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol? a. Four – The spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come, and Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s former business partner, is the first ghost to appear. 2. How many gifts were given in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song? a. 364 – One more present would have made up a whole year’s worth of gifts. Unless this song was written based on a leap year. 3. What popular Christmas song was actually written for Thanksgiving? a. Jingle Bells – The song’s original title was “One Horse Open Sleigh.” 4. What is the capital of Christmas Island? a. Flying Fish Cove 5. In what year did Hallmark make its first Christmas cards? a. 1915 6. Who was trying to kill baby Jesus? a. King Herod 7. What year did people start sending out Christmas cards? a. 1843 8. Which way should you stir mincemeat for good luck, clockwise or counterclockwise? a. Clockwise 9. Where is the world’s largest nativity scene located? a. Einsiedein, Switzerland -Four hundred fifty figures were hand carved and set in front of a huge 98.5 feet of painted background. 10. Gingerbread houses were inspired by what popular fairy tale? a. Hansel and Gretel Continued --