2023 Home For The Holidays

Page 5 2023 Home For The Holidays Lincoln Daily News November 23, 2022 But, let’s look at the bigger picture. Who started all this? Really, who started any of it? Why do we observe Christmas with trees in our house and Santa in our Chimney? Why do we celebrate any of the observances that are part of this time of year? Who decided we should observe Hanukkah, and why? What about Kwanzaa? Why is that important and when did it start being so? For the 2023 Home for the Holidays online magazine, our team of writers dug into those questions, and came up with some very good answers. And, also to a certain extent some challenges. Whatever we observe as our “primary” each of the three observances have value for us regardless of our personal faith, personal heritage, or our ethnic or cultural background. As you leaf through the pages of this year’s magazine you’ll find fun articles about why we do what we do each and every year. Who decided to decorate a tree? Is there really a Santa Claus? What is the secret meaning of the Dreidel game? And what are the seven principals of Kwanzaa? You may be surprised by what you learn. And, regardless of what your personal beliefs and practices are, we hope you will find something interesting, like how to keep that poinsettia alive through Christmas and maybe even all year long. How to create a themed Christmas tree, why we have Father Time and a New Year Baby, and how can we celebrate the new year without getting tipsy. And, on a more serious note, we have one article that we hope you will all read early in the season. Whether you have lost a loved one this year, or know someone who has, this article will hopefully help you as you enter the holiday season. And, as always, we at Lincoln Daily News are taking this opportunity to say thank you to all of our readers and our advertisers. Your support over the past year has been so appreciated by all of us. We long to bring you the important and best parts of our community and share with you the good that we see when we are out in the county. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to serve you in this manner. Happy Holidays! The Staff and Stringers of Lincoln Daily News