2014 Easter Egg Hunt Magazine - page 23

April 12 & April 19, 2014 LINCOLN DAILY NEWS.com 2014 Easter Egg Hunts 23
No counts were taken, but the 3,000 eggs that it took the group members more than a
half-hour to scatter over a large, grassy area, with a few of the goodies even being hidden in
trees for more difficult retrieval, took the masses of kids just three minutes to clean up.
Children up to 12 years of age were invited to participate in the event. Before the start,
they were divided into age groups. All were released at the same time to run into separate
pastures. Like herds running over prairies, the kids launched forth, seeking to get out front,
stoop and collect as many of the eggs and packaged candies strewn about as they could get
their hands on. Everyone walked away a winner, with plenty of goods in each basket, bag or
pail; but clearly, some were luckier or more skilled.
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