2024 Education Magazine

Page 44 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Heartland Community College Lincoln supports H.S. Dual Credit; new programs for incoming students Heartland Community College Lincoln continues to offer affordable, accessible, and innovative learning opportunities for Logan County students looking to gain a degree, certificate, or simply enrich their lives through education. The average tuition for two-year Heartland students is about half of the cost for two years at an Illinois public university. When looking at private institutions, the comparison is even An updated look at Heartland Community College programs and facilities more pronounced. Heartland tuition cost, paired with financial aid -- including the recent expansion of state MAP grants --- helps students attain an education without the burden of excessive debt. In fact, since 2016 the number of Heartland students requesting loans has come down 50 percent. New programs and facilities In January of 2024 Heartland saw the opening of two new facilities at the Main Campus in Normal: the Agriculture Complex and the Advanced Manufacturing Center and Electric Vehicle Lab. Both of these facilities support the growing number of programs at Heartland that include three new Agriculture degrees as well as Work Ready programs including eight in Industrial Technology and four in Electric Vehicle/ Energy Storage.