2024 Education Magazine

Page 42 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Logan County Superintendents worked with ROE #17 to establish an alternative school for 6th-12th grade students, which opened at the start of the 2023-24 school year. Abe Lincoln Academy is located at the former Abe Lincoln Elementary School on 1500 N. McLean Street. The school’s charter members include CEL, Clinton, Hartsburg-Emden, Lincoln High School, Lincoln District #27, Mt. Pulaski, New Holland-Middletown, and WLB. Lincoln District #27 is the managing district and oversees the daily operations of this new school, and there are currently nine students enrolled. Lincoln District #27 superintendent Kent Froebe said, “We are excited to offer this Academy for students who are struggling in their current school environment. We are equally excited to have hired Del Sutter as our Director. Sutter spent over 20 years as a teacher and Director of Salt Creek Academy prior to its closure in 2019.” According to Sutter, one of the advantages this setting will Abe Lincoln Academy up and running for at risk students