2024 Education Magazine

Page 4 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 In an effort to enhance the educational experiences of students, Washington-Monroe and Northwest Elementary schools are recipients of the State of Illinois After School Programs Grant. After-school programs are pivotal in providing students with additional opportunities for learning and enrichment. The grant has enabled the creation of clubs and activities that not only broaden students’ opportunities but also expose them to experiences that might not have been accessible otherwise. The collaboration involving local businesses, district staff, and community members highlights the strength of the community in working together for the benefit of students. This grant not only enhances the educational experience but also fosters a sense of community and engagement among students. Washington-Monroe School has embraced this opportunity by introducing various clubs, with the Sign Language Club leading the way. Starting in September 2023, the club has seen active participation from eighteen students attending weekly meetings to learn American Sign Language (ASL). Their skills were showcased during the Christmas program, where they interpreted for the audience. The popularity of the club has led to the initiation of a second group in January. In addition to the diverse range of clubs, Mr. Allen has introduced exciting opportunities for students. Cooking classes, taught by Connie Crawley, have captivated the interest of 60 students, offering them a chance to explore culinary arts. Furthermore, in collaboration with Lincoln Taekwondo, Mr. Allen has extended Taekwondo classes to 60 students who may not have had the opportunity to participate in such an activity otherwise. Looking ahead, these after-school programs promise to provide both enjoyment and educational value to Washington-Monroe and Northwest Elementary students. As the school year progresses, we anticipate witnessing the positive impact of these enriching opportunities on the students’ overall educational experience. Kent Froebe Superintendent District 27 Elementary Schools State of Illinois After School Programs Grant Enhances Educational Opportunities