2024 Education Magazine

Page 34 Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Lincoln Community High School opened Lincoln's Locker, our school store--featuring Lincoln Railer Apparel during the Fall 2023 semester. Lincoln’s Locker is run by the students in the Work Training Program Lincoln’s Locker opens at Lincoln Community High School with guidance from the LCHS Vocational Coordinators. Lincoln's Locker works in collaboration with our Railer Rock Star program, allowing LCHS students to spend their tickets on a variety of store offerings. Lincoln’s Locker employs students in the LCHS Special Education Work Training Program, who have helped in the planning and preparation of the store's opening. Students have excelled at comparison shopping and problem-solving. Students have learned how to use a cash register, make name tags, and create graphics for use on apparel and merchandise. They’ve also been involved in many important decisions involving cost, profit, and pricing. Like and Follow their page https://www. facebook.com/lchslincolnslocker