2024 Education Magazine

Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Page 29 Detecting Deceptions/Behavioral Analysis. While many of these topics are covered in the high school course, it is not easy to access the tools to do neat demonstrations. We will be attending this Open House on a yearly basis. The Ag Shop Gets a Facelift……. The Hartsburg-Emden Jr.-Sr. High School completed an agriculture classroom renovation along with an agriculture shop addition this past fall. The shop addition includes welding booths, small engine workbenches with tool storage, shelving for small engines, a shop sink, and bathroom. This addition will be used by both the agriculture mechanics classes and the small engine class. The old agriculture shop will now be used for carpentry classes which includes work benches, saws and hand tools, and lumbar storage. Agriculture students are buzzing with excitement to start using the new facilities this spring. These additions will benefit our students by providing them with current industry-used machines and tools that they will learn how to use and master before attending trade schools and college. [Tanya Zerbonia]