2024 Education Magazine

Excellence In Education Lincoln Daily News January 2024 Page 17 Our staff and faculty are caring, loving, creative, have personal relationships with every child in the school, pray with the students, and do so many fun activities with the students. If you haven’t seen our Christmas Program, you need to! The time that the teachers and students take to learn the skit and all of the songs, it is amazing! We are a family! When one student/family is hurting we are hurting, and we come together and pray for them and do what we can to help. We have a very dedicated staff that puts everything they have into Zion Lutheran School to make it the best they can. These are what some former students and former faculty had to say about the school: “This is a very friendly and family-oriented place to be.” “This is a great place to be and we just want as many families to know about it as possible. Every child is unique and special. Our goal is to love every child and encourage them so they can become the best person that God has created them to be, whatever role that is in society.” “When I think back on my time at Zion, I can honestly say that I loved everything about it. No matter the difficulties I face or how far I stray, I always find my way back to my faith and I know that Zion played a significant role. My advice to any family considering sending their child(ren) to Zion, DO IT!” “Zion set the base for all my academic success throughout high school and college.” Yet, the most important characteristics that Zion Lutheran School offers to our students are: morals, values, ethics, being able to learn and talk freely about God, and serving in the community. Our students visit Vonderlieth Living Center to sing to the residents, make cards for the military and seniors, help clean up at the courthouse in Mt. Pulaski, have helped at IGA to stock shelves, visited the Logan County Humane Society to spend time with the dogs and cats. Students also help clean up the cafeteria after lunch. Tuition is affordable; in fact, there is tuition assistance to help those families who need it. We have students from Lincoln, Cornland, Chestnut, Elkhart, Latham, Beason, and as far as Athens that attend because they feel it is worth the drive. Anyone is welcome any time to come and walk through our school. Come join our family. You won’t believe what you and your child(ren) are missing out on! Kate Ross - Principal