2023 Worship Guide

2023 Worship Guide LINCOLN DAILY NEWS December 2023 Page 15 the same images of mangled children’s as we watch the war between Israel and Hamas and between Russia and Ukraine. World events, national, and even local developments, convince us that we as individuals alone cannot overcome the evil in the world even when we commit to live lives of love, sacrifice, and benevolence. However, the spirit of Abraham Lincoln in our shared history, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ in our hearts and minds, enable us to contribute to the coming of God’s Kingdom on earth. That is what the angels sang at Jesus’ birth and that we today sing in our worship: “Glory to God in the highest; good will to men!” (Luke 2:14). For many years I have lived in Lincoln unaware of the charity of so many of my neighbors. I now have become aware of so much of the goodwill and compassion that guide so many generous people in our town. President Lincoln’s hope that we show malice to none but have charity for all is alive and well in our charitable organizations and fundraising events. While concerned for the health of our town, including the closing of our college and our university, Lincoln would be proud of the sacrifices made by so many to help their neighbors and friends! The Lord Jesus Christ has told us what is good: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Lincoln has told us what is good: “To ease another’s burden is to forget one’s own.” That is the secret at the heart of Christmasgiving! Therefore, more than the bright lights, the festive trees, the joyful carols, the cute cards, and the thoughtful gifts, you and I can celebrate Christmas by exposing and rejecting malice in our intentions toward any and embracing charity and compassion in our intentions for all!