2023 Prom Night Magazine

Page 2 2023 LOGAN COUNTY PROM LINCOLN DAILY NEWS May 2023 The 2023 high school prom season kicked off on Saturday, April 15th, with the Hartsburg-Emden High School to be the first event for the year. The prom was hosted by the Junior Class of 2024 and held at the American Legion Post 263 in Lincoln. Before the prom the attendees enjoyed a Grand March event at the high school in Hartsburg. kicks off with a remarkable Hartsburg-Emden Prom Grand March With the gymnasium completely dark, the twinkling lights of the runway from the stage to the bleachers reflected on the highly polished floor and almost looked like the attendees were walking on water as they approached the large crowd at the end of the pathway. This year there were several attendees including some handsome young men and women who went together as couples, some who were groups of friends and some who chose to go “Stag.” Among the many prom-goers there were a variety of lovely gowns and well-fitting suits and tuxedos. Perhaps the most unusual ensembles in the mix were those of the banana and the pickle. However, the two young men with their buddy walking them down the runway were wildly popular with the group, and it turned out at the end of the night, the Banana Man aka Dylan Fowler was crowned the 2023 Prom King. Asked afterward about their choice of suits, it seems that the banana and the pickle are not uncommon at Hartem. The guys have worn the costumes before and are recognizable by most of the students. At the end of the night the Prom Prince and Princess from the Junior class were