2023 Prom Night Magazine

2023 LOGAN COUNTY PROM LINCOLN DAILY NEWS May 2023 Page 13 “A Night in Rome” LCHS Prom Grand March a prelude to The Lincoln Community High School Prom Grand March was moved to the Roy S. Anderson Gymnasium Saturday evening in consideration of the windy conditions, and threat that rain could come to the community before the event was completed. This is the second year that the LCHS Prom Grand March has been moved inside due to weather. Even though the march was not outside on the lawn of the Logan County Courthouse, it was a lovely event with a stunning group of young men and women participating. More than 200 prom goers began their night with the march. Among the guys and gals, there was a huge variety of wardrobes. No two gowns were alike, though the colors of pink, blue and black did dominate. There were several guy/gal combinations that went down the aisle, but there were also more than a few gal-pals who went as a group, and guys who opted to “go stag” for the evening. But the guys did not dominate in the “go stag” scenario as a few of the ladies also chose to take in the prom independent of a companion.