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Page 44 2023 Home For The Holidays Lincoln Daily News November 23, 2022 The story begins with Baby New Year. He is born into the world representing a new year that is dawning. On the first day of the new year, he gets sage wisdom and advice from an older bearded figure representing the year past, this figure being Father Time. Once this wisdom is passed on, Father Time leaves, never to return. As the year progresses, Baby New Year ages, and by the end of the year, has found he is now Father Time. At the dawn of the next year, he passes his sage wisdom and advice on to the new Baby New Year just before leaving for good himself. This cycle repeats every year. That story may be familiar to you as it is an allegory for the passage of time, and how we as humans can learn from our past and the past of those who came before us. Have you ever wondered where this story comes from? As often is the case with widely known tales such as this one, many people may be familiar with the story, but not its origins. Beginning with Father Time, he has often been portrayed as an old man with a large white beard and a scythe. This image of Father Time is often thought to have been inspired by the Greek god Cronus and the Roman god Saturn. Cronus is the god of time, so it’s easy to see how he may have inspired the creation of Father Time. Cronus has a large white beard, not unlike the one Father Time is shown to have. Saturn is also the Roman god of time, but he is also the god of agriculture. As such, he is oftentimes depicted wielding a scythe, much like Father Time’s. The History of Father Time and Baby New Year Continued --