2023 Home For The Holidays

Page 33 2023 Home For The Holidays Lincoln Daily News November 23, 2022 night so I love the glow of warm golden lights and traditional red and green ornaments. Build Around A Staple Piece Most of the time I get the idea for a Christmas theme from one item I cherish or one that catches my eye that I know I just have to have. Cardinal Birds grace our main tree every year, so I start with those and change the accents. Sometimes I use more rustic items like pinecones, feathers, and berries with the cardinal birds. If I’m going rustic that year I usually choose a burlap or more natural ribbon theme. Other years the cardinal birds are accented with red sugared berries, frosted glass ornaments and red glitter ribbon. Some ornaments are used with either stye and some ornaments are style specific. For our business Christmas Tree I tend to keep it very muted with warm lights and appropriate décor. Depending on your business, what is appropriate may differ. For instance, a veteran’s organization may choose red, white, and blue, décor, schools often decorate with their school colors and/or mascot in mind, while healthcare and service businesses may choose doves, angels, or soothing floral designs. Continued --