2023 Home For The Holidays

Page 16 2023 Home For The Holidays Lincoln Daily News November 23, 2022 Memorial Day ● Trim off two to three inches of branches to promote side branching. ● If you plan to continue growing your poinsettia as a potted plant, transplant into a container. Father's Day ● Move the plant outside for the summer and place in indirect light. ● You can also transplant it directly into your garden. Fourth of July ● Trim the plant again. ● Move it into full sun. ● Continue to water and fertilize but increase the amount to accelerate growth. Labor Day ● Move indoors to a spot that gets at least six hours of direct light daily, preferably more. ● As new growth begins, reduce the fertilizer to one-quarter the recommended strength. Fall equinox ● Starting on or near Sept. 21, give the plant 16 hours of uninterrupted darkness (put the plant in a closet, basement or under a box) and 8 hours of bright light every day. Note that during the dark period, the plant cannot receive even the slightest bit of light at any time. ● Maintain night temperatures in the low 60 degrees F range. ● Continue to water and fertilize at the reduced rate. ● Rotate the plant daily to give all sides even light. Thanksgiving ● Discontinue the short day/long night treatment. ● Put the plant in a sunny area that gets at least six hours of direct light. ● Reduce water and fertilizer. Christmas Enjoy your "new" poinsettia. Start the cycle all over again after the new year.” https://extension.umn.edu/houseplants/ poinsettia#poinsettia-care-after-the-holidaysand-reblooming-1579964 Whether purchasing a poinsettia for your home, office, or church, or as a gift for loved ones, with the right strategy and care, your poinsettia can bring holiday cheer through all the year. Merry Christmas! [Stephanie Hall]