2023 Graduation Magazine

Page 54 CLASS OF 2023 LINCOLN DAILY NEWS.COM MAY / JUNE 2023 Dr. Castelein taught undergraduate courses at LCU from 1977 until 1992. He taught theology in the seminary and the DMin programs from 1992 until 2014, when he retired. He had preaching ministries in Indiana, Illinois (Lincoln Christian Church 2001 to 2006) and his hometown of Genk, Belgium. However, raised in the secular culture of Belgium, challenged by his critical doctoral studies in religion, Dr. Castelein stepped away from the faith from 2010 until 2022. Then, by God's amazing Grace, he experienced a reconversion, which finally united his mind with his heart in loving God our Father and serving Jesus Christ, our Lord. Dr. Castelein’s testimony to the graduating class was not the typical commencement speech where one charges and encourages students to go change the world...although they understood that that is the great commission. His testimony was about having walked away from the faith on three separate occasions and God's grace pursuing him. Each time God was personal and intentional making himself known to Dr. Castelein, who could not deny the power of God's grace touching and profoundly changing his heart and mind. So, to the class of 2023 (and to the rest of us) the message is about becoming God's obedient servant. Choosing to serve with gratitude for the grace He freely gives us on this journey..."not I but Christ...not I but Christ". Following Dr. Castelein’s address, happy students filed across the stage receiving their diplomas and warm congratulations for the leadership of Lincoln Christian University. Afterward, the students celebrated with family and friends as many gathered inside and outside the chapel for family pictures as well as embraces from family, friends, and fellow students. [Karen Castelein]