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2 April 7, 2015 2015 EASTER EGG HUNTS Lincoln Daily News.com
Salt Creek Abate
Easter Egg Hunt
Kickapoo Creek Park
Photos by Jan Youngquist
The Logan County Chapter of A.B.A.T.E., a group of motorcyclists dedicated to motorcycle
awareness and safety, hosted an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning at Kickapoo Creek
Hundreds of children were assigned to four separated fields by age groups and on the word,
“Go” all groups launched to pick up hundreds of colored plastic eggs. The eggs contained all
kinds of goodies. Some had tickets that were for drawings. Two bicycles and two tricycles
were given away by drawing. Some tickets were good for Baskets filled with goodies or other
prizes like movie tickets.
It was a beautiful sun-filled day and everyone went home happy.
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