Notes on local text input, site maintenance


List of future articles

Daily copy and update


Miscellaneous notes about front sections


Local articles usually go above the Day Planner box and state articles below the box.


Recalls: Information on product recalls runs on Mondays under "National" in the News section. Copy the material from the past week's entries at
Headline: Recalls announced


Extension: A weekly column from John Fulton and others runs under Rural Review and Top Stories. It's in the Top Stories section just one day. In Rural Review, the link goes at the top of the section the first day it runs and then stays in below the daily grain report until the next column comes, usually in the middle of the week. The column doesn't run during the winter.
Extension also sends other articles that usually run for one day, or as directed by the editor.

Gas prices: Updates available from, and

Ag links: A couple of links to ag articles can be added each day (under "Agriculture news elsewhere") from sources such as and  


Links under Close Up and Teaching & Learning are generally dated with a comment (not visible to public) to show how long they run.

The links for library and park district notes stay in. Update the pages when new material comes. Links also go under Top Stories the first day.

Links for District 27 menus and others are in this section during the school year.

Birth announcements stay in for a week.
(Sometimes they stay longer if no new ones have come in.)
(These are now done by someone else.)

Pages under Law & Courts are updated whenever the editor sends new reports.
(These are now done by someone else.)
Police reports: News/police_reports.shtml
Fire and rescue calls: News/fire_rescue.shtml.
Court reports: News/court_news.htm
Other reports: News/marriage_licenses.htm and News/dissolutions.htm.

Keep the list of most recent obits updated.


Book Look runs about once a month on a Wednesday under Food, Family and Fun. The link stays in for a week. The link also goes in Top Stories the first day (linked to the regular Book Look page, not on a Top Stories page)
Template: Features/book_template.shtml

The Home Country column runs on Saturdays under Food, Family and Fun and stays until the next column. The link also goes in Top Stories the first day (linked to the regular features page, not on a Top Stories page)
Template: Features/features_randles.shtml

Babe Winkelman column sometimes runs. The link also goes in Top Stories the first day (linked to the features page, not on a Top Stories page)
It's under under Food, Family and Fun.

Flu facts from the local health department run seasonally in two places: one day in Top Stories and in the Health section until replaced by the next one.

A dental column has run in two places: one day in Top Stories and for a week in the Health section.
Template: aa-health_dental_x.shtml


The yellow highlighted Local heading in the Sports section is for whatever is submitted locally: Railer articles, Lincoln College and Lincoln Christian University sports reports, bowling reports, other.

For bowling reports, put "Logan Lanes" on the front along with the league name.

Mutterings: A column from Jeff Mayfield runs occasionally. Put the name of the column on the front page along with the link to the article. Use byline. Example below:

Mayfield's Mutterings:
By Jeff Mayfield

The headline also goes on list of past articles: News/Mutterings_list.htm.
At the top of sports.shtml, keep a link to the most recent Mutterings column. The lettering is in white on dark blue background, just below the date.


Annual updates

The AP copyright year (at the bottom of articles) needs to be updated on the page templates at the beginning of the year.

Put in new dates for annual festivals: tourism.



The AP Stylebook is available online. Renewable around May.
(It's bookmarked.)