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page 10 2015 LOGAN COUNTY FAIR LINCOLN DAILY NEWS.com August 2-9, 2015
Show held Saturday at the
Logan County Fairground
2015 4-H
Story and Photos By Nila Smith
While for most folks the fair won’t get underway until
Tuesday, for local 4-H’ers the fun has already begun.
4-H Food demonstrations, Food & Nutrition, and
Home and Family shows were held ahead of the fair
on July 14th and 16th at the Logan County Extension
Office in Lincoln. And, this past Saturday, seven cats,
and kittens were at the fairgrounds for the annual 4-H
Cat Show.
This year there were six entries in three categories,
two in Outdoor Cats, three in Indoor Cats, and two in
the Kitten category.
The Cat show was managed by Superintendent
Shelly Miller and the judge for the show was Debbie
Goodman. Each cat was judged on a variety of things
including eyes, ears, and teeth, bone structure, health,
and temperament. Each young person entering an
animal was required to submit a notebook about his or
her cat. The book was to include health records and
information from the pet’s veterinarian, information
about taking care of the cat and playing with it, and a
short story written by the exhibitor about the cat.
Entries in the Outdoor
class were Katie Lynn
and Ruthie Ruhl.
Both cats received
blue ribbons and
Katie’s Tabby with
white mix took the
first place plaque.
J.R. Lynn, Sarah
Starasta and Jasmine
Bottoms had entries
in the Indoor Cat Category. Each of the three took
blue ribbons. Sarah Starasta took the top prize with
her uniquely
White cat
with splashes
of pale
J.R.’s cat
didn’t take
first, Judge
did note to the audience that the large white and
yellow was a special cat because it was a blood donor
cat. An instance had occurred where that another cat
needed a blood donation to survive, and J.R. and his
yellow cat had stepped up and made the difference.
Ruthie Ruhl returned in the Kitten category with a
young black kitten and Roux Starr entered a large,
yet still qualified as a kitten by age, long-hair Tabby.
Roux’s kitten was
awarded the first
place plaque.
After the judging
had been completed,
Goodman posed
for a picture with
each of the plaque
It may have been
noticed that this year there are no dog show results
for Logan County. The show this year was scheduled
for earlier in July and was a combination of the three
counties served by the local University of Illinois
Extension; Logan, Menard, and Sangamon. The
show was held on July 10th at the Sangamon County
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